New therapies

Innovative therapies base on the protective molecules stemming from Indian Ocean Area biodiversity and their vectorization with HDL

Various types of brut extracts of aromatic and medicinal plants or microseaweeds will be tested at first in vitro, in acellular systems. Among the selected vegetable resources, three endemic healing plants of Reunion (A. borbonica, D. apetalum, G. mauritiana) as well as the curcuma longa of La Reunion will be tested, knowing their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capicities. We will estimate in particular the capacity of the plant extracts to modulate the molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction of adipocyte and endothelial cells of the blood-brain barrier.

Présentation UMR DETROI -11-2-14 GB axe4 copie

For in vitro approach the use of primary cultures of human fat cells (obtained by liposuction or bariatric surgery) and endothelial cells of the blood-brain barrier (hCMEC /D3). For the protective effect evaluation of the antioxidant polyphenols stemming from local plant extracts on the target cellular biomarkers, an HDL enrichment will be performed. We will compare the efficiency of this enrichment of HDL with plant polyphenols and native plant polyphenols. For the in vivo approach, the diabetic db / db mouse model will be treated with various agents already used on cells. We will analyze systemic and tissue biomarkers associated with diabetes and their proatherogenic effects.