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This new mixed research Unit (U 1188) result from the merger of the GEICO university team (EA 4516), an Inserm team (U698), the RIPA group (research in Radiochemistry and Imaging of the Small Animal in the CYROI: Cyclotron Reunion Indian Ocean) and for hospitable practitioners of the University Hospital of La Reunion.

Director: Dr Olivier Meilhac

The vascular complications such as stroke represent a major public health concern and most of these strokes result from atherothrombosis and more than half patients are diabetics. Whether it occurs on the blood-brain barrier (BBB) or on neovessels of atherosclerosis plaque, the endothelium is activated and is altered in diabetic patients.

The main scientific objectives of DéTROI team focus on the study of the vascular complications of diabetes (in particular stroke) and the therapeutic intervention using protective molecules stemming from Réunion biodiversity – Indian Ocean Region (plants, fruits, seaweeds) further to a vectorization by lipoproteins (HDL mainly). We shall be interested particularly in the endothelium in acute and chronic hyperglycemia situation and also in an ischemic and/or inflammatory context.