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Have you tried the free Pi app??? It is a nicer and more human version of ChatGPT and it is perfect for doing speaking activities. Here is one for revising lesson topics and also for preparing for a speaking test. It can be adapted to fit any lesson topic or topics by just changing the topic words in step 2.

1. Download the free Pi AI app and make a free account:


Google Play:


2. Enter this prompt:

I want to practice discussing topics with you to prepare for a speaking test with a partner. You should ask 1 topic question then we should discuss it for 6 turns. Limit your responses to about 30 seconds and vary from giving answers to asking for my opinion to just asking me questions about the topic. Ask 6 questions about each topic then move to the the next. The topics are stakeholders, shareholders, trade unions, strikes, customers, directors, non-executive directors and managers.

3. Begin listening and speaking 

4. When you have finished enter this prompt:

Evaluate my responses using the CEFR levels and identify what I did well and what mistakes I made and give me tips to improve my level.

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