Presentation SMART team : Multi-Agent System and Telecommunication Networks

The research of SMART focuses on the study of complex dynamic real systems. When systems are characterized by a wide variety of interactions between entities, modelling and simulation provide a way to understand their dynamic features. The simulation is used to provide a computer representation of a system and its behaviour using models, where the data correspond to the real system. This approach is particularly appropriate when a system is not directly accessible to observation or measurement, or because it may not be reproduced or it cannot be subject to direct experimentation.

The systems studied can be natural as the dynamics of a volcanic edifice; it can be social such as the dynamics of a population or it can be also technological such as computer communication networks. In the latter, the study focuses on the communication service.


At the application level, we focus on the problem of engineering a system design for a multi-agent simulation (MAS) approach as a response to the needs arising from scientific partners, occurring in relation to natural, human and social problems. MAS is then a methodology of modeling and simulation used in order to help in the validation of scientific hypotheses and decision support. Our work is structured around three axes :

  • Development of a multi-agent platform GEAMAS- NG dedicated to the simulation of natural and social complex systems.
  • Conducting experiments and developing applications.
  • Proposal of methodological approaches in engineering MAS.