Google’s NotebookLM isn’t available here yet but when it is we will see a lot of students adding it to their favorites. Why?

  1. You can upload a doc and it will summarize it.
  2. It can give it lists of quotes and notes and ask it to do a task base don the information you gave it. It also gives you suggested questions to use to delve further into your notes.

Thanks to the AI you can converse with the tool and then pin your new notes based on your new insights.

Does this mean a student could upload all the articles and book chapters from a lesson and ask the tool to summarize them and then complete a homework task? Yes, it seems so. The benefits are that students can train the AI to help them go through a lot of information and find what they need an in the format they need.

Watch the video below to see how this video creator used the tool:


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