Christmas in the UK podcast

Learn more about how English people celebrate Christmas and what they eat by listening to this podcast.


Merry Christmas!!

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Transport Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs are hard to understand, learn and use.

This lesson has a fun video about a group of friends going to the beach. There are lots of exercises to help you learn and use the phrasal verbs.



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Irregular verbs game

Practise and improve your irregular verbs with this game.

Level: Beginner+

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Learn English by email

Learn English words daily or weekly with

Sign up for their free email service and start learning useful and interesting words.

Level: Intermediate+

Can’t get enough of language  grammar  and vocabulary

Here is the link:

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Practise your listening skills with Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Level: Intermediate

Pharrell Williams   Happy   Music Video  Song Lyrics and Karaoke


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