Complete this quick listening exercise before you see the film:


Level: Easy


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Star Wars

Practise your listening skills and knowledge of Pronouns and Determiners here:

Level: Easy


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There are lots of podcasts online but not all of them are suitable for English learners.

Introducing Spotlight.

This site has some nice safe topics and the speakers don’t talk too fast.

This podcast is all about free online university courses.

Level: Pre-int+



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Facebook vocab game

Many students use Facebook Messenger.

Well, you can also use it to practise your English vocabulary with free games.

Here’s one to try out with your friends as you can challenge them.

To use it, just open Messenger, click on games and look for it there.

Level: All


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Learn English with podcasts

Luke has been making these podcasts for many years so has a huge collection you can choose from.

Level: Int+


He has also made some videos. This one will help you pronounce some tricky words correctly:

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