Dr Emmanuelle JESTIN

Diabète athérothrombose Thérapies Réunion Océan Indien  (UMR DéTROI  U1188) – Université de La Réunion-CYROI- 2, rue Maxime Rivière  97490 Sainte Clotilde – La Réunion – France
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emmanuelleEmmanuelle Jestin has received in 2007 a PhD degree in Organic chemistry and Radiochemistry from University of Nantes within the laboratory of INSERM U892. She specialized in the radiolabeling and targeting of lipidic nanocapsules for radioimmunotherapy of cancers. During a post-doctoral fellowship, Emmanuelle Jestin has collaborated with Pr Michael Zalutsky at Duke University Medical Center (Durham, NC, USA) on a research project for alpha-immunotherapy of cancers with astatine-211. In 2010, she was recruited by University of Reunion Island to initiate the research activity of the new team, RIPA (Radiochemistry and Preclinical Imaging) within the cyclotron of Reunion Island. In 2015, she joined Olivier’s group DéTROI to develop new radiotracers for the diagnosis of stroke and vulnerable plaques in atherosclerosis.

She currently works on the development of new radiotracers for different applications in collaborations with other French institutions (Dr Frédéric Dollé, CEA Orsay; Pr Clotilde Ferroud, CNAM Paris) or international researchers (Dr Clive Naidoo, iThemba LABS South Africa ; Dr Gregory Smith UCT South Africa)