XXI AETFAT congress 2017, 15-19 may 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

The XXIst AETFAT congress took place at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi Kenya, on the theme "Systematics, biogeography and Conservation of African plants and fungi".

Contributions from our team:
1) Malombe I., Ah-Peng C., Hedderson T., Wilding N., (2017). Bryoflora of coastal forests in Kenya, AETFAT conference, 15-19 May 2017, Nairobi, Kenya
2) Ah-Peng C., Wilding N., Marline L., Hedderson T., Malombe I., Muchura H., Nekesa S., Chuah-Petiot M. Bardat J., Strasberg D., Flores O., (2017) Taxonomic and functional diversity of African mountain top bryophytes: a comparison between continent, continental island and oceanic island communities, AETFAT conference, 15-19 May 2017, Nairobi, Kenya
3) Ah-Peng C., Flores O., Leclair de Bellevue J., Jeamblu F., Moureau E., Piteau A., Staménoff P., Strasberg D. & Duflot V. (2017) Cloud layer, trade wind inversion and cloud water interception by bryophytes on oceanic island, AETFAT conference 2017, 15-19 May 2017, Nairobi, Kenya, poster

On Thursday May 18th, Claudine Ah-Peng chaired the session of the SWIO flora, which welcome 7 contributions:
- Bytebier B.,et al. An online resource of the flora of the Western Indian ocean region
- Andriambololonera S. et al. Botanical diversity of Malagasy inselbergs (Central Plateau of Madagascar)
- Mohammed A. et al. Systematic and interactive identification key of species of the mangroves of Comoros archipelago
- Riera B et al. Base de reconnaissance Xper des plantes et de leurs usages pour la gestion et la conservation des zones forestières, Aire protégée d'Entrants, Madagascar

-    Pailler T. & Martos F. Characterization of visual and olfactive traits implied in Bulbophyllum floral mimicry
- Malombe et al. Bryoflora of coastal forests in Kenya
- Baider C. & Florens V. Conservation of the flora of Mauritius: the overwhelming importance to prioritize invasion alien plant control.

On Wednesday May 17th, a visit to the restauration site Brackenhurst farm was organized:


The next AETFAT conference will be hosted in Zambia in 2020.