Functional diversity of Azorean bryophytes

Two recent publications from the PhD student, Déborah Henriques (University of Azores) on functional trait diversity along an elevational gradient and the presentation of the BRYOTRAIT-AZO, the first open access bryophyte database for traits. We wish to provide similar databases for the other studied archipelagos from the MOVECLIM project (Net Biome).

Henriques, D.S.G., Rigal F., Borges, P.A.V., Ah-Peng C. & Gabriel R. (2017). Functional diversity and composition of bryophyte water-related traits in Azorean native vegetation Plant Ecology and Diversity (

Henriques D., C. Ah-Peng & R. Gabriel (2017). Structure of the database BRYOTRAIT-AZO, a trait database for Azorean bryophytes Cryptogamie bryologie 38(2) :137-152