Visit of Esther Baumann / project ECOPOTENTIAL

E. Baumann is a Master'student (M2) from the University Of Bayreuth supervised by Pr. Carl Beierkunhlein and visiting the island to acheive the fieldwork of her project. She describes her experience.

On the 10th of August I arrived on the Island of La Reunion to conduct the fieldwork for my Master Thesis, which is embedded in the ECOPOTENTIAL project (H2020). The study aims at detecting patterns in leaf coloration along an elevational gradient in the subalpine shrublands of La Réunion island.

Beyond that aim, stands the concept that the elevational gradient is considered as a proxy for changing environmental conditions, as e.g. increased UV-radiation and increased wind speeds.

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Stage Master 2 (2014-2015)

Dynamique de populations en forêt tropicale insulaire

Marelongue_forest_JAN_2007_DS_smallLe suivi de parcelles permanentes en forêt permet d'appréhender la dynamique des populations d'arbres tropicaux à moyen et long terme. A La Réunion, trois hectares en forêt de Mare Longue, dont un nécessitant une nouvelle campagne d'inventaire, sont suivis depuis environ vingt ans. Lire la suite