Camera trapping to study impacts of introduced predators

A seminar will be held on September 20th 2018 at the Plant Protection Pole on the use of camera trapping to study impacts of introduced predators.

The program is as follow:

9h-9h20: Lucas Lamelas Lopez (University of Azores), Applying camera trapping  to detect and monitor introduced predators on oceanic islands

9h20-9h40: Yahaia Soulaimana Mattoir (Life + Petrels), Use of camera traps for endemic  petrels conservation

9h40-10h00: Adrien Chaigne (TAAF), The use of camera traps in the French Southern territories: the case study of predation by cats on Wandering albatross chicks in Kerguelen

10h-10h20: tea/coffee break

10h20-10h40: Sebastien Albert (UMR PVBMT), Palatability of native fruits and seeds in tropical rain forest? using camera traps to understand the role of introduced seed predators

10h40-11h00: Matthieu Lecorre (Entropie, UR), the use of camera trap to investigate mice-seabird interactions at Tromelin island and other surprising by-products of camera trapping at seabird breeding places

11h-12h00: Table ronde et discussions


Flyer: Seminar Camera trapping 20092018