A new moss species for La Réunion, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania and Comoros

Didymodon vulcanicus is newly described and illustrated by Jimenez, Hedderson & Müller in the Journal of Bryology.


The type specimen was collected by Terry Hedderson (University of Cape Town) in Piton Marmite (Salazie).


The species is recorded also in Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania and Comoros.



The species is recorded on volcanic substrates between 1297 and 3550 m. In la Réunion the species grows on rocks in upper montane rainforest and upland habits dominated by Erica reunionensis and Stoebe passerionoides.

The authors suggest to remove D. maschalogena/hastatus and D. tectorum from La Réunion moss list as these records correspond to records of D. vulcanicus. Only three species of Didymodon (Pottiaceae) are then currently recorded for the island : Didymodon vulcanicus, Didymodon tectorum and Didymodon rigidulus var. gracilis.

This article is a contribution from the Net Biome project Moveclim, WP1: Describing diversity.

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