New article out: Great Genetic Diversity but High Selfing Rates and Short-Distance Gene Flow Characterize Populations of a Tree (Foetidia; Lecythidaceae) in the Fragmented Tropical Dry Forest of the Mascarene Islands


Following the global trend of deforestation and degradation, tropical dry forests in the Mascarenes archipelago on Reunion has undergone harsh reduction and fragmentation within 3 centuries of human occupation. We investigated the genetic diversity, mating system, and gene flow in fragmented populations of the native tree Foetidia mauritiana (Lecythidaceae) on Reunion, using microsatellite genotyping of adults (in- and ex situ) and seed progenies (in situ only). To test genetic isolation between the Mascarene islands, we also genotyped conspecific adults on Mauritius, and trees of Foetidia rodriguesiana on Rodrigues. Lire la suite